The idea for the Indiana Beagler's Alliance began in the Fall of 2000, when the property managers and the Fish and Wildlife Specialists for
the "Upper Wabash Valley Reservoirs" decided to both close 840 acres of the Salamonie Reservoir to hunting and dog training in favor of an
ill-conceived plan to study the negative effects of dogs, primarily Beagles, on the nesting and rearing practices of upland birds and small game,
and to close all three reservoirs (Huntington, Mississenawa, and Salamonie) to dog training from February 28Th to October 1st of each year.   

At this time, a group of concerned hunters began talking and doing research into the feasibility of filing an appeal action with the Indiana
Natural Resource Commission.  Our first steps were to contact every department agency we could find in the Department of Natural
Resources.  Eventually, we were successful in our efforts to remove the February to October dog running/training ban. The "Small Game
Management Area", as Salamonie's Tyson Edwards named it, had already been approved by outgoing DNR head Larry Macklin; so we were forced
to file an appeal.  We worked out a compromise agreement on that action and it can obtained by anyone that is interested by simply contacting
Indiana Div. of Fish and Wildlife and asking for a copy.

During the appeals process, most of the action was left to our own Jack Hyden because it was his name on the appeal with the Natural
Resource Commission, but most of the fellows in the group were voicing their thoughts and concerns.  We had a mutual cause, the future of
beagling and rabbit hunting, and we were determined to prevail, but we did not yet have a name.  Our attention was turned away from the group
name issue again quickly by the news that that Parks and Reservoirs was working with the Division of Fish and Wildlife to place a 100% ban on
all dog training for the months of April, May, and June, and possibly March and July.  We began working with the groups we had formed alliances
with, to make sure this idea did not pass.  You can see more about our views on "sound game management" in that section of this website also.

Finally, several of the hunters from around the state began contacting us about the feasibility of extending rabbit season into February, as it
is in most of the 15 states in our geographical area already.  We began looking into the idea of an extension for rabbit hunting, and, by this
time, it was obvious our movement was here to stay.  So, we began serious consideration of a name.  We also knew that rabbit hunters and
beaglers, as a whole, are not very organized and we were not getting attention in Indianapolis like our more solidified counterparts from the
Wild Turkey Federation, Quails Unlimited, trapper organizations, and fishing groups, etc.  We came up with various ideas and then decided to
contact Chris Miller from the National Beaglers Alliance and he was optimistic about the potential.  Chris was instrumental in putting our
cause on  Directly due to Chris' ideas the name INDIANA BEAGLER'S ALLIANCE was decided upon. The
Alliance has since been almost 100% effective in getting the issues we have been advancing and/or opposing settled to sportsman'smens
benefit. Some of those issues have been:
1)  Stopping the closing of dog training from Feb. thru Sept
2) Bringing Field Trialing for Beagles back on 7 state reservoir areas with unlimited acerage.
3) bringing the right to carry a legally licensed hand gun on state property while hunting.
4) Rabbit season extended to Feb 15 of each year
5) Squirrel season extended to Jan. 31 north of U.S. 40 to be consistant with the season south of U.S. 40.
6) Working with sportsmans groups around the state to help IDNR understand the need for Fox and Coyote dog training and field trialing areas
in Indiana

The Indiana Beagler's Alliance will continue to work for the sportsmen and women of our state to " Support and Defend Our Hunting Heritage"
on all fronts.

Thanks for taking the time to look over our website.  Please feel free to submit any comments or suggestions to us at anytime.  The more
involved you become the stronger we all become.
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